All licensees and registrants who own and operate a source of radiation are required to develop and implement a written Radiation Protection Program (RPP) in accordance with NRC 10 CFR 20.1101 Standards for Protection Against Radiation or the State equivalent regulation.

You are required to register each radiation emitting device with your State Radiation Control Agency, no exceptions, and designate an individual responsible for regulatory compliance and radiation safety. This person is typically referred to as the Radiation Safety Officer.

The facility is required to implement controls to ensure the principles of ALARA are incorporated and the RPP is required to be reviewed Annually, we recommend every January (Florida requires January).

Owners of Class A full body x-ray security screening systems have additional requirements imposed by many of the States. About half of the States require the owner to request a waiver to operate this equipment since exposing humans to ionizing radiation intentionally is prohibited unless prescribed by a physician.

Many States also require your RPP to contain your company policies regarding scanning of visitors, minors, pregnant females, staff members and dosimetry monitoring.

After reviewing these State requirements, restrictions and limitations, RCE Consulting has developed a RPP for each State which contains these required RPP policies. These RPP manuals are ready for immediate download and printing. There is a 17-page Getting Started Manual that is included with your RP Program. Pages 1-6 explain exactly how to print your RP Manual. The first slide presentation on the Radiation Safety Officer course also provides a visual and audible explanation of how to assemble the manual and describes its contents. The remaining RSO course goes into specific details the RSO will need to be familiar with.

The Radiation Protection Programs are State specific so make sure you choose your State where the x-ray equipment will be located. This ANSI RPP includes the Getting Started Manual, your Radiation Protection Program policy section, work instructions and forms, your State regulations, training materials and required proficiency exam, a copy of ANSI N43.17 (2009) and other supporting documents. It is a comprehensive turnkey RPP developed for the Class A Full Body X-Ray Security Screening system RSO.

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