regulatory compliance

RCE Consulting, LLC specializes in providing regulatory compliance, Radiation Safety Officer and REQUIRED non-medical x-ray equipment operator and support staff radiation safety training for several industries listed below in nearly every State and every Canadian Province (both Federal and Provincially regulated facilities).

RCE Consulting, LLC serves the following industries who purchase, own and operate radiation emitting, monitoring or x-ray inspection equipment used in:

Aviation Air Cargo & Transportation such as indirect air carriers, freight forwarders, cruise ship entry checkpoints;

Critical Infrastructure such as jails, prisons, corporate mail rooms, courthouses;

Food Processing & Packaging facilities who utilize x-ray inspection technology, in part, for foreign material detection to enhance their Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) program.

Law Enforcement & Correctional Facilities such as building entry checkpoints, full body screening checkpoints, and first responders;

Ports & Borders such as border control security checkpoints, sea ports, or other large cargo container inspection facilities;

State / Local / Corporate / Hotel / Casino’s building security checkpoints & mail-rooms;

Schools / Universities / Hospitals / Private Building security checkpoints using non-medical baggage type cabinet x-ray equipment or for experimental work using x-rays.

 RCE Consulting, LLC provides a comprehensive written Radiation Protection Program (RPP) required by each State and instructions that will guide the OWNER through the entire registration, regulatory compliance, and program implementation process.

RCE Consulting, LLC provides radiation safety training for both your designated facility Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) and your X-Ray Machine Operators and support staff. An expert in this industry, RCE Consulting, LLC has developed ALL the materials the OWNER will need so you can be confident you will be in full regulatory compliance with your State regulations when you follow the program.

Your RSO will have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and the RPP provides all the necessary work instructions and forms to implement a comprehensive radiation protection program. Also included is a detailed “Getting Started Manual for the Facility RSO” and an annual RPP audit template to meet the annual audit requirement.

Your X-Ray Operators will be knowledgeable and equipped with all the information and support they need to safely operate the x-ray inspection machine with confidence and without anxiety.

RCE Consulting, LLC regulatory compliance solutions include, but are not limited to, Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) training specific to your application and radiation emitting equipment, radiation safety training for x-ray equipment operators and support staff, a written State specific Radiation Protection Program (RPP), work instructions and forms specifically designed for the x-ray machine owner. Also included are all State regulations, forms and all published State regulatory guides. These same programs are NOW AVAILABLE for owners of Handheld XRF analyzer equipment, bottle fill checkers and full body backscatter or transmission x-ray screening systems.

Regulatory Compliance & Radiation Safety training services have been developed to meet all budgets. See the On Site or Webinar Training or Online Courses pages and choose which option best fits your needs.

If you have questions, send an email to or call the Office at 843-650-9724 or Mobile at 865-696-9117 and you will be contacted within 24 hours.