After the unsuccessful attempt by the infamous “Underwear Bomber” to blow up an airplane enroute from Amsterdam to Detroit, Michigan on Christmas Day 2009, the implementation of full body screening began in 2010. The first full body screening systems used “backscatter” ionizing x-ray radiation to inspect for possible hidden contraband underneath an individual’s clothing. These systems were not whole body penetrating. The average dose per screening was 3-5 microRem (uR) (0.03-0.05 microSieverts – uSv). This is the same dose an individual will receive from eating 1 banana (Potassium-40).

The ANSI N43.17 (2009) Standard currently limits these Category 1-Class A Full Body Screening Systems to < 25 uR (0.25 uSv) per screening and an annual dose not to exceed 25 mR (0.25 mSv) in a 12-month period. The annual regulatory dose limit to members of the public is 100 mRem per year. Therefore; 25 mR (0.25 mSv) is only 25% of the allowable dose to the public. This 100 mRem annual limit excludes dose received from background radiation sources (~360 mR/yr) and any medical dose you may receive (variable).

These “backscatter x-ray systems were replaced in ~ 2012 with non-ionizing radiation systems that utilize a low energy microwave called “millimeter wave” technology. When you are screened at the airport security checkpoint today, these systems do not expose the individual to ionizing x-ray radiation.

The 248 backscatter x-ray units were refurbished and then sent to State correctional facilities to screen inmates for drugs, weapons and contraband. It didn’t take long before the inmates realized the backscatter x-ray systems could only detect contraband, etc. on the outside of the body, so guess where the inmates began to conceal, you guessed it…inside their own bodies, their spouses or partner and even in children’s diapers.

This became such a enormous problem that manufacturer’s developed transmission x-ray systems which can inspect for potential threats hidden inside the body.

Whether you own and operate a “backscatter” or “transmission” Category 1 or Category 2 – Class A Full Body Screening System as defined in the ANSI N43.17 (2009) standard, Section 8.25.a through i. states, in part, that both operator training AND each individual associated with the operation of the security screening system shall be provided radiation safety training prior to performing security screening operations. Proficiency shall be demonstrated at the conclusion of training. Refresher training shall be provided at least once every 12-months.

This online radiation safety training course has been added to meet the initial training requirement. Take the ANSI N43.17 required annual refresher training course to meet the annual refresher training requirement. The online course includes a 50-question exam which meets the demonstrated proficiency requirement. A Certificate of Completion can be printed upon completion and a copy needs to be provided to your facility Radiation Safety Officer. If you will be the Individual Responsible for Radiation Safety (Radiation Safety Officer) listed on the application for registration you can continue on and take the RSO course available here Online Courses.

This course is comprehensive and cost effective and the VIDEO training is provided by Mr. Steve Norris, Health Physicist, Radiation Safety Officer and the owner of RCE Consulting, LLC. Mr. Norris has over 40 years experience in the nuclear industry and 16 years of direct, hands on experience with industrial cabinet x-ray systems, NII Cargo Inspection Systems, backscatter x-ray screening systems AND the relatively new transmission x-ray screening systems.

It doesn’t matter which manufacturer’s equipment you have purchased, they all must meet the requirements contained in ANSI N43.17 (2009) AND you the owner/operator MUST meet the ANSI requirements applicable to you AND you MUST comply with your State specific requirements for operating this unique screening equipment.

All States require these systems to be registered with your State Radiation Control Agency. Several States may have specific restrictions on the use of these full body screening systems and the owner may indeed have to obtain a State Waiver to operate since intentional exposure to ionizing radiation for non-medical purposes is strictly prohibited in most States.

RCE Consulting, LLC can provide ONSITE or WEBINAR X-Ray Operator required radiation safety training, required x-ray image interpretation training and Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) training (request a quote).

We offer the required X-Ray Operator radiation safety training course, the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), and we also offer a direct, downloadable regulatory required State Specific Radiation Protection Program (RPP) (see 10CFR20.1101 or State equivalent Standards for Protection Against Radiation) ALL ONLINE.

ANSI RP Programs available here at

RCE Consulting, LLC and our affiliate partner XRI Image Solutions can provide you with complete and comprehensive services from installation, registration assistance, ALL required training to final required radiation surveys. Give either of us a call, we are here to assist.

All of the above are State regulatory required. RCE Consulting, LLC can guide and assist you all the way through the process and provide you the expert instructions, materials and training your operators and facility are required to possess.

With the issue of employee turnover at your correctional facility, the options provided here to your facility RSO are the most comprehensive and cost effective options provided anywhere.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Our office number is 843-650-9724 or (M) 865-696-9117. If I don’t answer right away, leave me a message, I’m probably on an airplane or teaching a class.