What is a Classroom Group?

A “Classroom” is a new type of course that is designed for an in person group of students at a facility. A representative(Group Leader) will add students’ first and last name for each seat purchased (email is NOT required for students). The Group Leader will login and play the course to the students on site in person. Once the course is completed the representative can mark each student completed. Once the leader marks a student as completed they can print or save the course certificate for the student at the time of the course or at a later date.

How to Buy A Classroom Group:

1. Enter the name of your group

2. Select the number of seats
(How many students)

3. Select course

4. Click “Add To Cart”

(Coupon Codes can be entered at the top of the checkout page after you click “Add To Cart”)


Group name
The name of the group for which you are purchasing the courses.
The number of users who require access.


Cart total