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Welcome to this unique Radiation Safety Training course designed specifically for facilities that own and operate the Full Body X-Ray Security Scanning System used primarily for security and threat detection inspection purposes.

Most States have adopted the requirements and limitations provided in ANSI Standard N43.17 (2009) which requires, in part, specific training for all full body screening operators which is contained in Section 8.2.5.

There are several States that require the owner of this type of equipment to request and receive a “waiver” BEFORE they can operate this equipment. If you need assistance with the waiver request please contact me at

This course is intended to meet these requirements, including a “proficiency exam” at the end of this 2-hour course. Please note annual refresher training is also required.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to PRINT your Certificate of Achievement for your records. Please print a copy and provide this to your designated facility Radiation Safety Officer.

Remember your Username and Password so you can come and go as needed until you complete the course. You can also login and access your Certificate(s) as needed.

Back in 2009, the infamous “underwear bomber” attempted to blow up an airplane while on approach to Detroit, MI. Thankfully he was not successful. It was not long after that the TSA introduced “backscatter x-ray systems” which utilized a low energy x-ray (ionizing radiation) to help identify contraband concealed under an individuals clothing. These were eventually replaced with scanning equipment referred to as “millimeter wave systems” which utilize a form of non-ionizing radiation but are also limited to identifying contraband concealed under an individuals clothing ONLY .

Today there are several manufacturers who have designed a low energy “transmission x-ray system” that can be used to intentionally scan humans to identify weapons, contraband, cell phones and drugs which are concealed both under an individuals clothing AND which may be concealed inside the body cavities. These x-ray scanning inspection systems are called the Full Body X-Ray Security Scanning Systems.

Although the US FDA does not have a specific performance standard for this equipment like it does for cabinet x-ray equipment (21 CFR 1020.40), there has been extensive research and testing performed on these types of systems. Due to the popularity of scanning systems like the Non-Intrusive Cargo Inspection Systems used at ports and borders, an ANSI standard committee was formed to address the issue of intentionally scanning humans for purposes other than medical exposure.

These backscatter and transmission x-ray systems have now been limited by the States for use at courthouse intake centers, jails and correctional facilities.

Today the American National Standard ANSI/HPS N43.17 (2009) “Radiation Safety for Personnel Security Screening Systems Using X-Ray or Gamma Radiation” is the standard by which both the US FDA and State radiation control agencies use to evaluate and authorize the use of both Category 1 and Category 2, Class A (Full Body) and Class B (Partial Body) scanning systems.

The Full Body X-Ray Security Scanning System can be classified as either a Category 1 – General Use system (Not to exceed 25 uRem/screening) and/or a Category 2 – Limited Use System (Not to exceed 1 mRem/screening). In all modes of operation, the total dose received to a screened individual in a 12-month period cannot exceed 25 mRem. This dose is 25% of the allowable dose to a member of the public.

The requirements and dose limitations for Category 1 and 2 and Class A are presented throughout this course and in the handout provided to you in the Materials Tab. You can click on the Materials Tab on this page now and download the handout provided with this course.

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