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Thank you for your interest in this 2-hour Canadian Cabinet X-Ray Operator Radiation Safety training course. Canada has different regulations and requirements for facilities exclusively operated/regulated by Health Canada and for those facilities who fall under Provincial jurisdiction. This course covers those differences briefly and in more detail in the Canadian Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) or X-Ray Safety Officer (XSO), whichever title you prefer.

The materials covered in this course are specific to cabinet x-ray equipment and operations and meet the requirements set out in the RED Act regulations and Provincial training requirements. RCE Consulting, LLC has written approval to provide the training and materials from Health Canada.

This course has been upgraded recently to include video/audio/visual presentation. In the Materials Tab on this cover page, I have also provided you access to a 53-page student handout that you can print now or save for later. You can also use the handout to take the 50-question exam at the end of this course.

Once you have purchased this course or you may have been provided with a Coupon Code, simply click on Take This Course, click on either Single User License or Group if purchasing multiple “seats” for this course to be assigned later by the System Administrator (purchaser) and either purchase the course or enter your coupon code and then click Proceed to Checkout. Follow the prompts to Register. Once you register you can begin the course. Remember your Username and Password so if you need to leave, simply come back to this website and Log Back In to the course and start where you left off.

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