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Thank you for your interest in this unique 2-hour online training course for those of you who have been designated as your facility Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) or X-Ray Safety Officer (XSO), whichever title you prefer, both are the same.

This course has been upgraded recently to include video/audio/visual presentation. In the Materials Tab on this cover page, I have provided you access to several regulatory documents you will need to be familiar with. You will be required to take the 2-hour Canadian Cabinet X-Ray Operator Radiation safety Course FIRST before taking this course. The LMS is set up to require that course before you can take this course.

This course is focused on your responsibilities for owning and operating cabinet x-ray equipment. You may have a security type cabinet x-ray system used for security checkpoints, mailrooms, etc. or you may have a cabinet x-ray system for food inspection at your food processing & packaging facility. You may have a cabinet x-ray machine used in the pharmaceutical industry, the electronics industry or maybe the automotive industry.

It doesn’t matter who the manufacturer is, the size of your cabinet x-ray equipment or the application. If your x-ray equipment is classified as cabinet x-ray then the manufacturer MUST meet the performance standard contained in the Health Canada Radiation Emitting Devices (RED) Act, Schedule II, Part XV. If you have a baggage type x-ray machine, those requirements are contained in Schedule II, Part IV but there isn’t any difference between the two.

This course discusses the requirements contained in the Health Canada regulations, RED Act regulations, Safety Code 29 recommendations and each of the Provinces that have specific x-ray safety regulations and requirements. We also review the important topics that were discussed in the 2-hour Canadian Cabinet X-Ray Operator Radiation Safety course and we have a little fun performing some radiation unit of measure conversions.

Once you have purchased this course or you may have been provided with a Coupon Code, simply click on Take This Course, click on either Single User License or Group if purchasing multiple “seats” for this course to be assigned later by the System Administrator (purchaser) and either purchase the course or enter your coupon code and then click Proceed to Checkout. Follow the prompts to Register. Once you register you can begin the course. Remember your Username and Password so if you need to leave, simply come back to this website and Log Back In to the course and start where you left off. If you have already registered for a previous course, your Username and Password are still good.

There is a 25-question quiz at the end of this course and upon successful completion, you will be able to print or save a Certificate of Achievement.