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Many “manufacturers and distributors” as well as “sales and service personnel” of non-medical, security & industrial x-ray systems are either unaware of their regulatory responsibilities or they just don’t have the expertise, staff or time to determine all the different requirements necessary to administer a regulatory compliance program.

Some “manufacturers” within the United States, and even more so, those located outside the United States; often struggle to determine what the Federal and State regulatory registration and reporting obligations are. Experience indicates that many distributors, sales and installers of non-medical, security & industrial x-ray systems are unaware of their regulatory registration and reporting obligations AND those of their customer.

As a result, there has been a negative trickle down effect on the customer from the States which has led to animosity towards both the manufacturer, distributor and even the installer. RCE Consulting, LLC can help YOU avoid this potential negative business impact. With an estimated global increase in the x-ray inspection market of 5-8% over the next 5 years, predominantly here in the United States, can you really afford to be non-compliant or place your valued customer in a non-compliant position with their State Radiation Control Agency?

Federal and State regulatory requirements can be complex, difficult to find, change frequently and require the manufacturer, distributor, sales and service personnel to have an extensive knowledge of each States registration requirements, radiation protection program requirements, training requirements, dosimetry requirements, inspection and safety device testing and radiation leakage emission survey requirements.

This FREE course has been developed to provide a detailed overview of the State regulatory requirements which must be adhered to by the manufacturer, distributor and the sales and service personnel of non-medical, security & industrial x-ray systems. Knowingly and intentionally violating the State regulations is referred to as “DELIBERATE MISCONDUCT” subject to State enforcement penalties.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Steve Norris, President, RCE Consulting, LLC at or by phone at Office: 843-650-9724 or Mobile: 865-696-9117.