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This comprehensive and detailed course is a combined five (5) hour, one of a kind, Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) course for those who will be responsible for regulatory compliance, equipment inspections, testing, surveys, operator training. recordkeeping and the safe use of a Class A Full Body X-Ray Security Screening System.

The materials and videos provided with this course will walk you through the entire process from printing and organizing your Radiation Protection (RP) Manual to providing detailed instructions on the purpose and implementation of the RP Program. Once you purchase this RSO course and purchase your State Specific RP Manual from this website, you will be instructed to print the RP Manual. I show you how to organize the RP Manual in the Getting Started Instruction for the RSO – Start Here video. Once you register (Remember your Username & Password), you will be able to log in and log out at your convenience, there is no time limit for completing this course, it is self paced.

The RP Program has been developed and being made available to you with ALL the supporting information, work instructions, forms, regulations, training materials and other important miscellaneous documents that YOU, the facility Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), will need to ensure regulatory compliance and the safe use of your Class A Full Body X-Ray Security Screening Inspection Equipment.

The entire RP Program, policies and procedures shall enable YOU to be fully compliant with both your State specific regulatory requirements as well as the US FDA and State adopted requirements contained in ANSI N43.17 (2009) “Radiation Safety for Personnel Security Screening Systems Using X-Ray or Gamma Radiation”.

You WILL be required to take the online ANSI N43.17 (2009) REQUIRED – CLASS A FULL BODY X-RAY SCREENING SYSTEM – OPERATOR RADIATION SAFETY TRAINING COURSE ($175) first as a prerequisite before taking this RSO course. We also host our affiliate partner, ADANI SYSTEMS INC., CONPASS DV Operator Training course.

It is important to note that this RSO course assumes that you have purchased the TURNKEY RADIATION PROTECTION PROGRAM either on a FLASH DRIVE mailed directly to you at your facility OR you can direct download ($895) everything immediately from the RCE Consulting website (Recommended). All you have to do is click on this link, ANSI Full Body Downloads SEARCH for your State, click on the State name and proceed to purchase the entire RP Program and materials for your State. If you would prefer to purchase multiple 2-hour courses for your operators (GROUP Purchase Option) and/or more than one (1) RSO course for your State Specific RP Program, RCE Consulting, LLC will accept a Purchase Order. The purchaser would then be issued Coupon Codes to access all the training courses and RP Program materials immediately upon receipt of the PO.

BE SURE to purchase the RP Program for the ANSI N43.17 (2009) Class A Full Body X-RAY Security Screening Inspection Equipment and NOT the RP Program for owners of Cabinet X-Ray Equipment.

If you own both types of x-ray inspection equipment, we strongly encourage you to take the Security/Baggage Cabinet X-Ray Operator Course, the New-Security/Baggage Cabinet Operator Radiation Safety Course, and the Cabinet X-Ray Equipment Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Course.

States require this training BEFORE the individual may operate a cabinet x-ray machine. (CA regulation Title 17, paragraph 30337 requires a 50-question written exam & a 25 task practical exam – all included with all RP Programs).

The RSO will need to purchase the RP Program for cabinet x-ray machine operations separately since there are differences in the two RP Programs, training requirements and training materials, along with differences in the radiation limits and requirements for safety feature testing, inspections and radiation surveys.

Direct download of RP Program materials and all courses can be purchased through our secured PayPal account and using any major credit or debit card. Direct deposit is also an acceptable method of payment. FLASH DRIVES can be invoiced via our secured PayPal account and also payable by credit or debit card (alternate means may also be arranged such as pay by check or direct deposit).

As the facility RSO, you or your company can purchase GROUP “seats” to any course, including the 2-hour ANSI N43.17 (2009) REQUIRED – CLASS A FULL BODY X-RAY SCREENING SYSTEM – OPERATOR RADIATION SAFETY TRAINING COURSE ($125 each). YOU control who is issued the “Enrollment Key” for each operator as “System Administrator”. P.O. accepted for 25 or more GROUP seat purchases. Contact us at to discuss or call us at (O) 843-650-9724 or (M) 865-696-9117.

FLASH DRIVES are available immediately ($895) and will be mailed out within 24 hours via UPS Ground once payment is received. Shipping is FREE. Contact us at to discuss or contact us at (O) 843-650-9724 or (M) 865-696-9117 to place your order. (Shipping usually takes 3-5 Business Days depending on your location).

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